Noodles and Bubbles Galore in Houston - Bibo’s Bistro & Bar - pic by Kathleen Sison from Community Impact

Noodles and Bubbles Galore

Enjoy noodles and bubbles galore when you live at Allora New Forest. Here at our luxury apartments, you can access a wide assortment of cuisines worldwide at your doorstep. Especially compelling Vietnamese food is no exception. So indulge in some pho, fried rice, vermicelli, or bubble milk tea to your heart’s content for a quick bite or an extended meal with your friends. Your dinner-out routine gets an upgrade when you live at Allora New Forest.

Bibo’s Café in Houston

Bibo’s Café is one of the city’s most popular Vietnamese restaurants, featuring a casual atmosphere, a great menu, and amazing flavors. It’s only four miles from our luxury apartments, so you can drive to their front doors in under fifteen minutes. Satisfying your craving for irresistible Vietnamese food is easier than ever when you live at Allora New Forest.

Bowls of Savory Goodness

Bibo’s Café has a menu for all palates and diets, so make sure to come in hungry. Start your meal with one of their sharable appetizers, such as their pork Mama Hong eggrolls, crunch’in shrimp crab rolls, or crispy popcorn chicken bites. Afterward, enjoy one of their classic Pho soups, such as the “Pho Ever” with shrimp or the “Pho Sure” with white chicken breast. You can also enjoy fried rice, vermicelli noodles, and pad Thai with your choice of protein.

Drink Up and Relax

In addition to standard soft drinks, Bibo’s offers an expansive menu of milk tea and coffee. Relax with classic strawberry green tea, an iced matcha latte, or a fruity smoothie with pineapple or mango. Smoothies with tapioca balls never go out of style, so grab your favorite.

Every meal is better with noodles and bubbles galore when you live at Allora New Forest. Visit our Houston luxury apartments and Bibo’s Café today.